People often have misguided ideas about what a Health Coach does. Unfortunately, many people believe that if they use a Health Coach, they will have to "give up" everything they currently enjoy. This could not be further from the truth. The reality is that the old style diets and deprivation DON'T work (which is probably why you are here). So here are the questions people most commonly ask about what happens when you use a Health Coach.

1. Will I have to go on a radical diet?

Rather than "taking away" elements of your current lifestyle, I will introduce you to a concept known as "crowding in". What this very simply means is that we will find ways to introduce healthier habits and options to your existing lifestyle and diet. During this process, I will facilitate your deeper understanding of your own body. From here, we will work together to set simple, achievable goals. As you get more in touch with your body, and the cues it is giving you, you will find that many of these changes not only make perfect sense, but also enrich your life and help you to feel better.

2. Do I have to go to the gym?

Not if you don't love going to the gym! We will find ways to introduce physical activity into your daily routine. And the most effective way of ensuring this becomes a habit, is to find things that you LOVE to do. It could be as simple as walking on the beach, dancing, riding a bike with your kids, or any variation of any of these activities. The key is that it is something you enjoy, look forward to, and prioritise because it makes you feel fabulous.

3. Will it cost me a lot of money to make these changes?

People often assume that eating well and taking care of yourself is expensive. This is not necessarily so. You don't have to join a gym if you don't want to. You can find ways to integrate exercise into your life without it costing a cent. Similarly, eating well need not cost you a fortune. Fresh, seasonal ingredients are not expensive. When your body is properly nourished, the reality is that you need LESS food, not more. 

And besides all of this, how much are your current habits (that are not serving you) costing you? What will it cost you to be sick? These are some of the things I will explore with you during our sessions.